Morocco- Amid Jerada Protests, El Othmani Promises New Opportunities, End to Illegal Mining Activities

(MENAFN – Morocco World News) Rabat – Morocco’s Head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani announced on Saturday the suspension of illegal mining operations in the city of Jerada, home to ongoing protests since the death of three local miners. While on an official visit to Oujda to meet regional and local leaders, El Othmani pledged several measures that will be taken to support the economic and social conditions of Jerada’s residents. El Othmani said that the government has conducted a technical survey on ground composition and minerals in the area. The survey, according to El Othmani, has shown the existence of new unexplored and unmined minerals: lead, zinc and copper. ‘In light of this study, the opportunity will be allowed for the legal exploitation of these various types of minerals existing in the region of Jerada,’ said El Othmani who was quoted by several Moroccan news outlets. These new mining and exploration opportunities will benefit the population of the region, and will offer the region’s inhabitants new employment opportunities, added El Othmani. El Othmani has also promised the suspension of illegal mining activities in the region, which led to the deaths of three local miners recently. During the meeting, the head of government announced the launch of an industrial zone for Jerada, which will provide young entrepreneurs in several business sectors with the opportunity to carry out their projects. El Othmani also announced that 3,000 hectares will be made available for agricultural activities. One thousand hectares will be for the benefit of land title holders, while 2,000 hectares will be for the sake of new young farmers. According to El Othmani, this measure is aimed at improving responsible environmental development in the region while supporting sustainable economic”


Morocco-  Amid Jerada Protests, El Othmani Promises New Opportunities, End to Illegal Mining Activities

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