Grenfell Tower Fire: Morocco to Repatriate Remains of Victims

London Fire Seven Moroccans Among Fatalities, Says Foreign Ministry

Rabat – Amid the sorrow felt for the deaths of Moroccans in a fire that engulfed an apartment building earlier this week in west London, all the arrangements to cover the costs of repatriating the remains have been made, said the delegate Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in a communiqué on Sunday.

The Ministry added that it has taken all necessary steps to cover the cost of repatriating the remains for burial in Morocco in coordination with diplomatic and consular services. The communique added that arrangements have been made to provide the necessary assistance and support to the families of the victims.

Two days after the incident broke out, a Moroccan family of five was identified among the fatalities.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that King Mohammed VI has given his instructions to the Moroccan competent authorities to pay for the repatriation of six Moroccan victims who were formally identified and to assist their families.

Abdeslam Aboudrar, Morocco’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, stated that there is no news about the numerous Moroccan families who resided in the Grenfell Tower, adding that Moroccan families remain missing after the tragedy that has claimed the lives of 30 individuals. The number of fatalities is expected to increase.

Moroccan survivor, Mona Qabbani, stated that a large number of missing victims are Moroccan. She added that the incident was “extremely terrible and frightening,” and that the survivors “lived the worst day in their lives.”

Qabbani, who lived on the 11th flour of the enormous building, said she had not been aware of the fire and that her friend called her and told her to run away.

Unconfirmed media reports have estimated that the number of fatalities has reached 70.

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