Boycotted Sidi Ali Opens Doors for Customers to Inspect its Alleged Dried Water Sources

Boycotted Sidi Ali Opens Doors for Customers to Inspect its Alleged Dried Water Sources

Rabat – The boycotted Sidi Ali mineral water company continues to argue with Moroccan customers. The company released another statement on Monday, refuting claims that the Sidi Ali Chérif source, located in Tarmilat, a few kilometers from the town Oulmes, has dried.

After denying that it has increased prices on its bottled water, Sidi Ali also invited customers to travel to the source and check it for themselves.

In its statement, published Monday on its Facebook page, the company wrote “in response to a number of misinformation that has been circulated on social networks about the source of water of Sidi Ali, Oulems mineral water.”

The company says that it operates within the framework of clear legal standards, “especially those relating to the provisions of Law No. 36-15 on water.”

Contesting customers accusations, the company said it is subjected to strict monitoring by the Ministry of Health (Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control / National Institute of Health), which issues the license for land utilization and health approval.

The Oulmes company said it is open to voluntary inspections by independent international bodies and has been awarded four quality certificates: ISO 22000 for food safety, ISO 9001 quality certification, ISO 14001 for environmental compliance, OHSAS 18 for certification OHSAS 18 001 on the health and safety of its staff and users.

The statement received a wide online backlash, with commenters emphasizing that the boycott will continue anyway since the company refuses to lower its prices.

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