After Morocco, Spain Wants to Launch Its Own Observation Satellite

Morocco to Launch First Satellite in November

Rabat – Following Morocco’s launch of its Mohammed 6-A satellite last November, Spain is racing against time to launch its  own observation satellite in late 2019 or early 2020.

Morocco’s launch of its Mohammed 6-A satellite last November hs accelerated  Spain’s work on its SeoSat/Ingenio optical Earth-observation satellite, reported SpaceNews.

Morocco and Spain have been working on their special observation capacities since “Perejil Island crisis in 2002, when Spain could not acquire satellite images of the island following reports of its occupation by the Moroccan Navy,” according to the same source.

The launch of the Moroccan satellite did not only prompt Spain to speed up its observation measures, but also Algeria, another regional competitor, who launched its first communication satellite from China on Dec. 11.

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